Wednesday, November 19, 2008

your printer is currently offline, fix it!

to have and to give, scan dal,
break millions, a cunamam, chip a
pound or two of newsprint, raptures
of scrap, thirteen fifty-one, pavo,
if you keep insisting youre not
then you must be, the practice of
insanity, for unacceptable, we do
like to write the names, vellum
table, spool it out, fall dart,
able-bodied suao, if this was
a leaf, self portrait as blank,
what’s in connection, cyano,
lift your tail, crucify the book,
a primitive lottery, bread peace,
this space is available, faja
braga, beeld, zed world, jews
without borders, ur day, the
moment the fire was burning,
maintain your erection, nothing
short of evil, belt eye, worx,
suture rapture, the gold is
fading, the battle starts again,
the fingerprints of arthur
cravan, toner progress, family
shattered, nothing is exposed,
the bag that holds it all
together, after me comes
nothingness, lecture on the
world, receive this,

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