Thursday, November 20, 2008

I hate love.

trance end, stad, where did you
get these envelopes, opening-wise,
is everywhere as one you, eye hate
love, human papillomavirus, xyngst,
ballbusting, thamboria, let your-
self begin, phonecalls about jobs,
untelusing, double vice, ucla
lithoparticles, identical hands,
arbitrary cruelty, fat is relative,
seven dollars worth of bananas,
that me is not me, nor is that me,
the number changes, one is being
forced to change, you won’t be
needing a car, keep your heart
in your pants, we got docked, what
are these other charges, up on vimy
ridge, gfe, psychographic, healthy
conscious engaged, hoick, eye ham
hands, readymead, fishing hat,
happy to examine their
contradictions, truthiness,
clusters of booze, one was under
the radar, nice posse, never see
your husband again, and where
did you get all your money,
unnatural selection, lontananza,
menefreghista, maricones, only
for money, acid causes
permanent changes to the brain,
break change, sin acid, ocv bkl bm,
drastic plastic changes, kitty-
corner from, rotate three-sixty,
speak silence, miss nothing,

1 comment:

Antony Kamau said...

One word, hilarious.

Nicely written too.