Thursday, November 13, 2008

bookman, calibri, cambria

float yourself a loan, do you
accept mail, eye lamp work,
emplement, paradoxysm, cyberlice,
the file count keeps falling,
macdougall press, are there any
names here, rough or viet, you
are being spoken to by person
number two, perfectly capable
of bringing yourself to orgasm,
pnac, keeping track of all the
books that come out, now we are
making art together, careful
you don’t hit the jackpot, the
elks community hall, the wit
and wisdom of love, press access,

hoge gisting, lupulo, crosstown
liquor, fake rock, de koninck,
vamonos, indifferentiate, agaves,
the ethical is not the highest
consequently, hugely complex
expressive, phthalate plasticisers,
brecciation, never smelled wet
concrete, chassid, balance of
terror, paso dobles, thylazine
thorazine, spirit doubler, hand
typed on a real typewriter,
who needs to see the actual
writing, a half a road, toner
job, only a technician, still
balid, delta text, spilling down,

the big box put us out of business,
we could easily determine, where
did you get the penny,

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