Friday, November 07, 2008

miss p. gothic & miss p. mincho

bazil, year of the error, the net
never changes, broadjump client,
we are not interested in your
project, handwritten html, the
weight of the paper, no more
paper, lost pixels, as simple as
milk, still trademark, nothing
to search for, photocopying
hardware, still generator, a
false memory, never came thru
with the book, zineniz, please
don’t try to communicate with
me, jungle jungle, i’m time
travelling, put it all in the
shredder, understanding zero,

playing without a screen, ball
detourn, filter shape, dagger
shape, where you were sleeping the
other night, toner will deterior,
blot yourself, kumbhaka, brown
derby hat, the van explode, kelson,
mossy scabs of the wormfence,
umph concrete, compenetration,
a cluster of crystals, enchiridion,
handwriting electronic

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