Sunday, November 02, 2008

corbel &

just buy the damn thing, extend the
list of hats, turn it into art, nothing
quite blank enuf, already have a good
thing going, number fluctuations,
four-square art, the one thing and the
other thing, hallucinogenesis,
fourteen dollars for a chance to
piss, levy coach jack, senta berger,
blog frog plop, everything made
nothing, you can go back again,
drowning cluster, force to but
nothing, eatmeat, make contact
make contact, didn’t we just make
this transaction, plus one copy,
paper stretcher, when artists die,

axe for text, the ride the text
will get, is the poet for real,
florilegium, a poet with a backyard,
the copy is better than the original,
what can be added to perfection,
nine mad, you will know the copy
by its location, is it developing,
the time it takes to annotate,
writing this, beep bup, superother,
hmmm total, the code is not
available, here’s the trance,
just show, opportunity is knocking

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