Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the great white telephone

twenty-one twenty-one, saint ird,
avolub, ugmh, your name was spoke,
you cheated yourself out of
happiness, anesthetic awareness,
savant syndrome, examined
contemporary horror, hoaxster,
sakyot, shetkastone, zelfo, rote
capitalism, the moss all uprooted,
i have burrowed away from the
moss, clusters ruddy, delusional
thinking, a moss-covered boat,
phildickian, ushayabhuqe, mystère,
allermeme, après coup, cluster
of signifiers, a contained
experiment in hysteria, the white
telephone, uology, not that the
world is reading, latha, laser
tweezers, paperwallah, don’t you
have anything better to do,
whole cloth in quotation marks,
a week agon, gravy engraved, not
even time can destroy, toner
camel, i love what’s happening
to the font, this is a week
agony, this is a day gone, tack
on more, sapping me, weak agon,

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