Saturday, November 08, 2008

actual linotype

xxxedding, fischer tradit,
expose remove, fifteen cents worth
of blank, fold it yourself,
logo domination, really you,
you frenz, the concrete modelo,
egg swish, the sausage lag,
free and ready to use, mega-
hurtz, globual, decide about it
now or later, just about as
blank as it gets, fat god,
return to location, why it
came out so blank, never give
out your address, colour
gone, you aged, really bky,
communication frenz,

postal balance, let hop, maybe this
is just a xerox, max reuse, what
invent, microspud, big what, post
exchange, still chalk, paint
money, nothing frank, horse
free, eighteen o’clock, copy seams,
listen to the books, divide
nothing, the rust division,
kaiser at work, van eyes, old
outch, zouch tremolo, improve
information, interconnected
copies, postal dominion, copy
sand, still exact, obsolete
image, simulating freedom,

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