Tuesday, November 04, 2008

GulimChe & Gungsuh

i am in a double bind, judging
by the size of the holes, things we
did to gether, just say no to art,
i agree to not hinge, crepitate,
i don’t have any envelopes so,
a stimulating attack, social
overload, i survived saskatchewan
highway number, a rubberstamp
yuck, the copies are free, save
all your garbage, some pretty
crazy pals, anti-lamp, still
renewing, you have been passed
over, the war has come to an end,
the smell has dis, yes, forget to
sell, supersize garbage, workfree,

a seven dollar photocopy, spp,
try and make out the numbers,
the new flux, progress font, is
that all there is to fluxus,
post water, swimming in mail,
pedro canada, swls, nonprime,
weblog, inluding, silicon
castles, involved in the
temporary, titan arum in bloom,
ger, quasicrystal, mangabeys,
ten billion copies a day,
apocope, face gazing, capitals
of habsburg europe,

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