Sunday, November 09, 2008

raavi & shruti

tree bucket, refers to the size,
the whereness of your being, wall
of toner, copy proliferation,
brasserie fish, an ownership
society, charabanc trippers,
fluxus house, gout de terroir,
prolusion, you klangfarbe,
the concrete mail, modelo
agoing, swish mosquitoes, egg
fly, lag sausages, copied
froth, copied forward, better
circulate than never, japa,
the accumulation of paper,
concrete answers, landtong,
hyper-order, kivas, wined and
dined the leading poets,

alter reality, explain war,
the writer is now dead, the
reward for hard work is more
hard work, penetrate the jungle,
swallow this, read right to the
bitter end, feeling about time,
popular culture gets ahold of
you, torture texts, art enters your
life, cho oyu, european history
that commerce, milk-contorted,
a butcher by occupation, art
no such thing, calor, the theme
of the book review, okay did
you understand a word,

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