Monday, November 03, 2008


still waiting for an answer, cut
your way into the future, zamky,
this looks like it came from,
vyslapana, ultrasound face, boy
event, still paging, nothing again
alien, aml nitrate, still mail,
that’s the way the mail flows,
the option of doing, how do you
make it happen, meditate as
long as you want, eye velocity,
the inch eye will sea, felt
chain, never din, no surprise,
floating net, listen nothing,
whatever was here is gone,

deal with this now, the most
advanced deterioration, forget
the copy, who’s aira, give crafty,
create xpr, what what, the blank
mail you, multi-asking, send
toner, the so-called original,
name five copies, a rubberstamp
that says so, what becoming,
what socinian, create to bed,
xpr irony, crafty elite hands,
give loss, whos show, aira
directions, ready it, bibulous,
international flow,

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Roger Stevens said...

Hi Ross

I'll use these then.

meanwhile. Check out

Leave a comment. The conceit is to claim you knew the band back then. And perhaps, over the months, claim some of the narrative. Just a fun thing.