Saturday, November 15, 2008

dot um

this is not a computer, mail the
thing itself, the page size we are
going to, newscomputer,
surdimensionnés, trance not
completed, mer chant, actually
more like six than seven,
changing the world one word at
a time, a ball of thread, recycer,
we don’t sell a lot of sales,
snake cancer, weak housing data,
calculated to hijack our efforts,
quizzle, the counterpublic,
phthisic, forcing him headfirst
into the tea pot, munic, one leaf
that never fell, klatschmohn,

megillah gorilla, schriftlich,
lotic, save san pedro, one in the
wrong place, one has a hike to
make, toner guilt, a part of the
country versus b part of the
country, the poetry police, net
start spooler, fluxus enuf,
is that all there is to mail art,
credit advice: don’t use credit
card, colour the pattern, page
number three thousand, bad
font, my name is blank, poetry
labour, not detecting any
difference, microdifference,
the work that is being done,

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