Saturday, November 22, 2008

your attention to this matter is not required

up in the actual mountains, stook
the forest, acrylic snow, is the war
over yet, hm customs and excise,
any reasonable route, the peace
wall, is this a six or a nine, art
with staying power, the love doesn’t
love me, party colour, hurry up
and decode, sequia, the universal
language of texture, paper music,
making money shut-up, interface
module, build it out of junk,
a labial bend, totale fattura,
it’s all japanese to me, standing
on the crown, anagram logic,
suggesting a fish, still activity,
permanent messages, translatathon,
early digital graphics, i’ve been
an ear, before we came in we
came in, find your way in to
the labyrinth, put it all back
in the bag, never change nothing,
proud or ashamed, this is not
literature it’s paperwork, think
we might trance, girl or woman,
top fresh, squirted with the
vivacity of an orange, shawms,
vegetable ray, put another
quarter in the computer,
cash for information,

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