Sunday, November 09, 2008

sydnie & sylfaen

bufetti, deltiologist, post purchase
consumption, feel the sand, the
loss of mail, synthetic history,
cultural alert, that’s me behind
the mask, actual sticking, sticker
collage, hair dress, what have you
got in your closet, antiquato
computer, you’re just holding it
there, radicale inhoud, see how
it blows, in the fast life, a mere
mask, nalon, what for, remixa,
is that what your phones look
like, a multiple identity,
mickey fish, playback prohibited
by area limitations, microseal,

fold yourself a line, room to
trance, skeezix, phillumenist,
acerbate, the power to do
nothing, eye lot, load it up,
luc lev luc lev loc, white
black, detachable mini, it’s
up in the air!, feel secure,
we are perfectly capable of
making our own books,
hopscotch physics, fail
library, real work, the most
advanced state of
deterioration, the second
ditto, you do not have time,

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