Tuesday, November 11, 2008


you can’t eat it but, ten year
old grit, imposto profissional,
sixteen year old art, idiot gram,
still dayglo, nicht vergessen,
walking on letters, one red ant,
iass, see what’s going on, grasses
of the world, das frohliche
wohnzimmer, sad ostateczny,
early computer art, rupocinski,
brain cell dies, what’s real
and what’s not, a sign of,
neostropos, permanent memory,
reality agent, art for the
finder, no, fingertips, juncollage,
still dada, front cover, back,

aged work, deep throttle,
sloggin’, where do you want
your work to appear, jkme,
meat rope, always have to clear
customs, face keeps cropping
up, nothing is too small to
see, nothing more luminous,
how many of these did you
send out, track me down,

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