Friday, November 07, 2008

miss unemployment insurance gothic & Natalie Simpson

nothing ever changes, eye oh you
nothing, this is back in oh three,
free mutations, still press, what
the green indicates, back before
we had the tools, the pharmacon,
was that my signature, still
seal, how to quit drinking tea,
buy a new possession, still it,
never give out your mailing
address online, still glue, we
could figure out what happen,
still registered, surfing the
papernet, the boot is gone,
generations haggle, ross saws,
still copyright, still trademark,

nobody is here, font schmont,
condensed pennies, my hand is too
sore to write, schork, just honour,
i do not like chain letters, toney
toner, unidiversity, how are we
supposed to use this text, expose
expose expose, aap, disresurrect,
sub trance, amuse the ghouls,
what is the postmodern sublime,
sms, gsm, self-historification,
indirect correspondance, zwerg,
the spasme génêtique, gamboge,
budge the bookmark, wych-elm,
the foreman’s hat, casta diva,

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