Sunday, November 30, 2008

offliners' conference

ogo brb l, don’t pick the shiny one,
select nothing, aquos, we two are
two, destroying families, concrete
finality, action art, in situ actions,
disinterested in documentation,
cafe handcuff earrings, social
lubrication, ska hats, honeyslides,
a situational depression, gagger,
exurbs, how th e calm, bexaz,
cluster of radio, xeon, nothing
is certain, high endurance cutters,
high elevation coverage, slinks imp,
carpet-udinous, is radio a hot or
a cold medium, kaironomia,
the middle voice, artificial
brainstorming, snick, critical
essays from a humourous, human
consciousness as expressed,
neglect the concrete, constating,
ed the happy clown, early human
cognition, econosymbolic exchange,
dog that does nothing in the
nighttime, manna-words, mots-
valeurs, a sieve-order, we ran
out of garbage, get in amongst
the letters, write three pages a
day, maram, the toner seems so
real, best not waste a stamp,
we need to know nothing, on
being on being, this is no
fooling, still more no, postill,
yesterday numb, yesterday

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