Saturday, November 15, 2008

constantia, corbel

typewriter font, while you were
asleep, what is this font, myriad
condensed web, a miniature book
of elegant design, top-knots
one-boob-bare uniforms, the
sarmak plant, hila, going random,
aesthetic bliss, artificial
bliss, social policing, six penny
nails, a pale copy, clustering
tendencies, numphĂȘ, mathetriai,
droit de cité, ricercatrice,
the decolonizing moment,
annushka lutetiavitch
pufflovah, nothing maximum,

treat yourself to a piece of
paper, only got to see the stamp
for a moment, the great losers,
here is nothing, distant contact, the
next blank we fill, mcd, nothing
is incontrovertible, latitude
fifty, raznorecie, polyglossia,
zero distribution, pixellated
mess, trags, degenerate artist,
anarchist author degenerate,
you want it public, se ab, draw
a line by making a fold, a
life of errands, hexis, unspeak,

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