Thursday, November 27, 2008

miss tree bucket

secret document release, every
second word is deleted, the folds
of the brain look like bodies,
the theory is you are supps, the
last noise made by the organism,
there will be no reparation, one
why three, art inaction, who knew
the end was so nigh, what a card,
infinite unit, should have gone
whole hog, we think we have a
chit in, the whole block of ice,
pornographic audio, clunk once,
wicked sweet, feeling rich and
reaching oblivion, this famous
artist, throw a penny into fountain,
half a dot, is this the bizniz,
wade thru wad, pushing the
duck, note stroke, return from
zero, not napping, hat no more,
it turned out to be blank,
bentfork, cluster meter, don’t
know what to do with the art,
leave the throat alone, we might
have given this a push, or this
maybe, me as in you or me as in,
is an indication needed, not the
vehicle but the contents,

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