Saturday, November 29, 2008

marmay yam ram

don’t let yourself get so wound
up, jumping off the shallow end,
monologs, tyvm, nothing needs to
be reiterated, this still needs
to be typed, imagine travel thru
time, seven seven seven, these texts
all need to be retyped, six
six seven, the paper is getting
a little shopworn, marmay yam
ray, maybe there is someone still
there, not even your loved ones,
bleaker beaker half empty,
ha ha just kidding, still
kidding, still joking, six six
five, boo hoo for you, seven
seven six, why would you want
to call, equals twenty-four,
do you have real mail, let’s
take the scenic route, write it
in korean, working weak, destroy
all paper, change and change
and change again, set it up
and knock it down,
retrotelekinesis, saved you
a nickle cost you a dime,
oh oh we owe, van der ham,
make sure you use your own
credit card, item time,
low dead, are you insulting me,

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