Tuesday, November 04, 2008

GungsuhChe & Haettenschweiler

hmmm nothing in this text,
concrete star, bounce deodorant,
lady spud, klesmophile, a small
version of the text, the art stands
out so bold, one rubberstamp for
the blue ink, and one for the
black ink, eye drp, you have to
declare something, are you like
an item, trance coma, the bradley
bunch, our early years versus
your early years, six hundred
and sixty-six copies, orto, ex
marks, this might be a text
worth, a cluster of debts,
the future may be a little,

the information and the apparatus,
this could be your hand, conomics,
the thru and flow of, identify
as a alcohol, once the internet is
full, agita, the lousy ink will
fade away, where are you going
to come up with, bright blue copy,
snap the book up, golden oranges,
the televion, never made no impact,
do something constructive, my
name is not, what the reader might
be going thru, give some sort of
indication, no this is art, the
penny is obsolete, medicine zero,

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