Thursday, November 20, 2008

i'm hardcore but, to a degree

the smart penny, and ampersand,
acoustic arctic rockers, kbiplbi,
centraficaine, culpability kyrgyz,
the exact fragment, actual meet,
circustan, mint enough, inforich,
looking in the dark, lakemism,
just for a day press, blur
flower, anti-o press, nothing
saying, perceptual war, zero
ain’t easy, spenditures, almost
blank enough, el i o u,
commission and enrolled at

mosquito maintenance, pick a
ditch any ditch, why do gophers
run like that, columbariums,
nobody owns the ditch, but
it’s a dry heat, i nothing,
sildenafil citrate,
trichotillomania, kammersang,

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