Saturday, November 01, 2008

consolas & constantia

file for hat, who set us in touch,
nothing butter, five copies times
two equals five copies, handwrite
copies, much the better copy, total
sign, hmmm zero, iota today, the
beck, art enemy, bibliopub, farrago
amp, fit to fly toner, toner holes,
penny stock trading report, an
information-depleted environment,
liribles, mindlessfullness, orange
weather, actemes, mohada, trance
addle, stutter mail, zetetic,
patination, enlightenment
engine, the toner is smearing,
beauty in the service of, let,

declare the pennies obsolete, glb,
read the book already, pennies from
hell, you only get one chance with
me, it’s a sort of meat, it’s a sort
of wheat, cluster dynasty, correct
this phrase, the five million dollars
project, insanity is art, here where
the ink is starting to fade, the
year of the dog again, cluster
economics, the small press gravy
train, volzet, finally cashed
the sucker, a devoted blue, art
and tal, the meter is open, no
these are not girls, orange news,
the paper is getting soaked,

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