Thursday, November 06, 2008


extreme tracking, still waxing,
a frugal eater, all the links are
already there, the location of
the studio, marked down night,
book versus website, addicted to
lsd, keep your debt to a minimum,
turning from one year to the
next, what are you going to do
with those dollars, what have we
got to mail, mailing on christ,
pop a pic, still waning, feel it
slip, when you were in the same
room as me, get rid of all your
stuff, any sort of response, none
such website, trying to get the
book, keep a paper record of every,

bank note trampoline, normal
automatic, welfare drunks,
spiles, a hat nerd, uti, chela,
aparticles, sambal, sugarbirds,
the music of the cubes, sous rature,
orange room, nonelaboration,
awake in the redneck desert,
higian, squetched and skywannocked,
the pacman flower, rotted concrete,
minimum convex polygon, concrete
problem, ampm, you have one option,
other people are just a blur,
brighter other, how many words
do we have time for, what other
people are doing, you go and have
your fun, spend it all on,

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