Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TNR (gold corpse)

scratch and itch, activation swipe,
how the paper reacts to the ink,
the day before the attack, let the
bungee stretch, bbbc, we are expired,
sev, vaginal oranges, falling to
your death, grnd, the ink is long
gone, who floated you, who sunk
you, stamp the void, concrete
pizzle, the time before the act
of violence, now we need to learn
a whole new city, yellow ray, at
the mercy of the environment,
outside the hat, unable to laugh,
thirteen twelve whatever, the shape
of the eye, intendo, top dollar
bottom penny, build yourself a
new system, make the effort for
poetry, concrete hat, microdot
nanodot, nothing needs to be
blogged, shrinking seed wise,
thou shalt not mention pussy,

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