Wednesday, November 05, 2008


begin reading this, way back in,
there’s no escape from, let’s not
compare, recommend nothing,
nobody wants to see the art, do
you know the price of postage,
is it time to get drunk yet,
yes we are here, mailing for
nothing, more than one thing to
deposit, waive the fee goodbye,
how the money is connected, the
new regimen, the new technique,
explain why this happens, this
might have been destroyed,
autoco, art canada, concealed
rivets, the extra penny, get!,

smarati, december eleven twenty
sixteen, harmonic grbge,
scrunchy, dereferences, dybbuk,
dendrochronological reliakor,
roopkund, irresistance, they
actually had to mail this one,
cosmolocal, i am center left,
nothing remains unsearched,
the ludismail, economicity,
continuatively, trash cards,
howdiz, edmuniv, balls deep,
not really aware of you anymore,
forget the dead, make art not
money, get paralyzed and then,
at teast, what van refers to,

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