Wednesday, November 12, 2008


lithography in eight colours,
friend become enemy, losing
more contact, we owe too much,
all gone, feeling more liberal,
the fine and the coarse, effort
trough, spring leaves, flip it
over and look again, the touch
of paper, chunk east, nothing
may be contained in this text,
id art, reason to snore a, check
nothing, long gone name, raining
toner, f!, no mail, signed copy
toner, where you intend to put
your eye, pinst, mind at all,

chicken foot basket ball, type and
copy, place billblass just, a vov-apt,
postal ball, stencil in public,
de-ling, the making of the text,
balltown, just keep on, sleepball,
feed the pet grasshopper to the
pet frog, mandrake, spianata,
who spends a hundred and sixteen
dollars on nothing, cash trance,
histomoniasis, texax, immanent
domain, the exhibition hall the
ceiling, maitreya,

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