Friday, November 21, 2008


there will be no more copies, by the
time we get to ten there will be
nothing left, fuck xerox, chip out
a hundred, the original is too real,
adding value or draining it out,
this is pre-staple, ten cents ten
cents, original orange, now what to
do with the text, happy with the
old computer, some sort of magic
staying power, all the rest are
always already gone, are you still
maintaining your integrity,
whack ‘em and stack ‘em, maybe
you better change your name,
concrete cutter, pennier than thou,
some people we used to know, one
has lost, your name in mud, ogo
burble, an original mistaken for
a copy, ogo one, your name is dead,
feeling partly passed out, nothing
goes anywhere without postage, no
we lost, one lives that touch, who
are these judges, pannier then
you, blank education, okay let’s
go thru this again, concrete point,
bring it up into focus, the spot
is the difference, fight
categorization, you can’t just let
it go you gotta push it, your
website is at risk, the brazil
vortex, all those files we left
on the old computer, copied forth,

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