Saturday, November 22, 2008

i guess i'll just have to take the lack of a sign as a sign

omgcb, environmental technician,
getting ready for a trip acid, it looks
connected but it ain’t, slop some of
that loot, large orange ship, the
wrong carbon copy guy, reamage,
bus sub conscious, goglc, calm abec,
the bufonet, word must have gone
out, bcro, misregister reality, why
would you want to use that old
computer, get them to sign, obit
card, phrases going to make up,
incrimin, beware of bleed-thru,
pop eye, the searching, how to
turn worthless paper into, the
ink is communicating with the
paper, yellow ray, time does not
mind, white out nothing, did they
talk, a debris desk, botter, micro-
evidence, face away, psychotropic,
the words take on new meaning, are
we now elsewhere, please stop
trying, lbb, bind nothing, mvhc,
a perfect impression is, cash
flowt, can’t afford anarchy,
there’s paper in them thar bins,
pull the bookmark out and drop
the book into the bin, temporary
activation, bulge pin, hellight,
time for boredome, oms, refuse
to continue, theo bromine, this
technical process, coogle, none of
this belongs to me, the soap
bar, mossicide, courier
consciousness, appli, sez boo,

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