Sunday, November 30, 2008

attached to nothing

your name in silk, apron strings
attatched, the day the ink was fresh,
the process of elimination of artists,
thanks for dropping by this text,
liquor store horror monsters, it
all depends how easy it is to
replicate, a crucible, capital a
contest, organic material like paper,
eleven two two thousand and four,
live for it, natural v, clean your
pipe, this is not a pipe-cleaner,
drunk only let me be, depends how
far the ink does fall, drop of
ink falling sixty feet, namahs,
blooprint, code of time, a box full
of heat radiation, adanac ack ack,
fw, dear mom, like a brick in the
teeth, cold chrome, we do not make
a distinction, you won’t catch
you making an error, trance hop,
a craze that died, love done,
orange difference, are you still
there dear reader, rubbrstampede,
art deterioration league, please
take your microscope off me,
let us mix ourselves together,
voodoo luau, poetswell, will you
answer to, each fragment has
meaning, mamanuca, gmcbl,
what if you had no bread,
thinj, batopilas, did they,
do these numbers actually
differ, gbbt, because death,

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