Wednesday, November 05, 2008

kartika & latha

total owed equals total paid, hard
sexism, minimum lang wage, how will
you pay the future, you are down to
twenty-three, where did you get the
money, printed in medicine hat, it
was fun when the other was the
target, let’s see if our ink lasts
longer, black and white and blue,
never had much luck at xoomer,
there’s that word again, another
penny in your coffin, postal war,
switching black and blue, work
within the folds, coptetition,
infinite distribution, hook up
to the juice, this is an ad,

flying moose, you thot you never
heard the name, a nice setting of
the poem, you are covered, all the
mail we might have sent, don’t even
recognize the language, pond plop
frog, turning scrap into art, meat
shame, mail to me before we die, the
in evitable, alamuk, the seeing tower,
here where the text is smudged, the
number of files fluctuates, number
of copies: zero, just borrowing this
text, if you don’t go to it it might
come to you, the context is always
lost, is there art over there, gas sign,

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