Saturday, November 01, 2008

century gothic & comic sans ms

fluctuating like the price of
gas, an art project about nothing,
rubberstamp portable, go out and
collect some bottles, variation of
car, people we never contacted,
to yourself from yourself, no
trance required, cjb, we have
written letters to letters, wax
post, exboo, an exspensive error,
lobotomized language, the war
is on its way back to you, five
orange pounds, the film is still
blank, global boredom, pick i,

glass-eyeing, blue thru the window,
it wouldn’t really be art, you made
an error, how many times do i have
to tell you, the first to under,
you asked for it, very little add,
why not use your tongue, we had
to give the art back, rather use
tape, free identity, unaltered slip,
one collaborator did not appreciate
the collaboration, finger bone saw,
eros zeros, pull wood book, henressy,
yes every day, if you identify
yourself, here we go already,
newordagogo, outline the target,
north van cob, meat shame,

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