Wednesday, November 19, 2008

corvus of one kind

the “service” industry, are you
heading up or are you heading
down, the miserable way to travel,
we found out it was too far by
walking towards it, time will
pass on this also, time cannot be
selected, a novel about poetry,
subdimensions, sat at two,
falling up, ope, mega-nothingness,
one has a special affinity for
nothing, how to get your self out
of yourself, wakaw, not doing
anymore, there is reading but no
reader, my brain has gone dead,
waive off the trance, hardly
professional, they have a special
relationship, the pain we had to
get through to get here, there
are no others, some sort of job,
alter your appearance, this
tells us nothing, what costs a
dollar, the axe fell, blank to
all but the intelligentsia,
you’re falling, it’s time to rise,
sooner or later: gold, nothing
precedes essence, stop continue,
no choice but, why are you
wasting your time with this,
your mail is being intercepted,
pink motivation, eye you’s,
hoping for something to happen,
cookies made of bread,
temporary knowledge,

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