Thursday, November 13, 2008


let’s ask, tencents, hyped up on
hypewriter, this font reminds me
of, aphasia types, step it up and
go copy, put some thing in the
window, toilets wrecked cars
and scrap metal displayed as
art, hoodia winkia, a mere word-
heap, what else can be done to
change the value, bf money, the
distance between you and the book,
the document biz, lucy in the
sky poetry, guilt consumption,
what would so-and-so do, nude
digs, slippery impressions, turn
art into money, artler, read money,

no such person, beaucoup de livres,
fluxus heap, luthier, a few
poetry, the moroccan hat, nice
print, nice print, how did you catch
wind of this, monomath, reality
tourist, on the special properties
of, peacock vehicle, kurinji,
stichomythia, lo huakew, poetry
refund, types of aphasia, give
this the grind, call it art and
have done, oh boy money, enuf
for a substitute, do you want
your art raw or cooked, marshall
your resources, galant eye,
chappals, tourist reality,

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