Sunday, November 16, 2008


order post, post order, self-moving,
blue nose, nose blue, blue nothing,
always already gone, memoremem,
knock knock nobody, playing in
and out of the box, hate mail
art, any reason to read on, some
sort of weight, the thing itself
is gone but we saved a copy,
continuo, gurtnellen, you can
call it art, non-identical, en
avant, reason to dig, are you
involved in your life or not,
don’t give me no tasks, whycut,
the season is over, whowha,
mental response, here we are,

an experiment that failed, pick
up post, make the day as rich as
you want, leftover ink, more luck
hitting the other side, meat
guilt, what are all these books
to do with, you missed your
chance to mail, guilty is
quilty, what do you have to
mail, van yog, bot gas, as an
anti-blue, contrast blue,
what are you going to put
in the bun, black on blue,
there will be no next, bring
out the blue, eye lsd,

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