Sunday, November 16, 2008

refers to the size of the font

you could learn the code, ross et
a stone, if you go beyond this point
then, now we have lost this moment,
the usual text, the blank text,
skull king, khybernetics, copper
hue and cry, imported language,
fight for sex, the shoes are
concrete, throat artists, joe blank,
joe oros, ursting, are we all we
have left, look out your window,
absit omen, the claims of errant
history, botflies on the prairie,
pea-pool skittles,

the writing is on the other side,
the spell checker is wrong, ink join,
ebq, arte grezza, pellagra, vert de
grece, a rooster-comb-red toque,
what are you doing at this very
moment, mixed reality, the non-
communication of it, clearing
house of early, hooves of van,
artificial sunsets, unlimited
light, continuator, meraviglia,
west eats meat, arbitrament,
orange metal, theriomorphic,
karmagandh, yog,

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