Monday, November 24, 2008

simulated sunshine

the teddy bear means nothing,
concrete van, mvbbm, these ones
gave me a belly ache, it is the
same cheese, getting to know the
city, a pen that writes and
writes, plm, emballage, meville,
when your card reaches zero,
crcc, anti-capitalist consumption,
ecmas, in this year, outlab, now
the book is gone, roirca, money
omen, you don’t want the doc,
orrpg, save on letters, one step
process, born in the thirties,
a book about a song, obr,
generic literature, now we can
no longer communicate, nothing
has been saved, cochon ray,
ggmcl, what does kt stand
for, what is the parable of
the lost penny, two-bits worth
of bulk garlic, are you employed
to read this, gsgpfb, bbc, eli,
superlovable, obbc, saving
nothing, falling up, tscml,

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