Tuesday, November 18, 2008

one code without lucidity

the lemonade splashing right up
the wall to the ceiling, the artist
on fire, the weight of art, busy
going online, the artist that did
the work versus the artist that
took credit, we have frozen moments
too, naughty doodle, toner detel,
odour bank, life is meant to be
suffered in isolation, cerlox
xerox, fever temp, pink pocket,
tilebooks, sprung bored, nothing
shocks, marks made by adults,
wad of organic material, peace
music, damaged grooves, the
language slow, separate realities
one from another, see see this is
not a pipe, a language of big
words, world artists for timbuck-
too, non-violent struggle, mandalay
mandala, drifting in and out of
the network, o falkg, the only
ink in a haystack of toner,
problem child problem adult,
a whole another city, somebody
made a mistake no matter who,
finding your way in to hell,
write your own barcodes, keep
your hunches to yourself,
shambling to shambala, is
this making a difference to
you, ant go, here have this,
go against the rush, costii,

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