Friday, November 14, 2008


writing about the paper we are
writing on, writing about the paper
we will be writing on, vanisle refers
to, a bunch off illegible adresses,
kill yourself nobody cares, noodle
atomizer, make the text available
to the world, we are free here, you
can grow into this, walmart
redemption, tamagot, help yourself
to the copy machine, fftwf, van
dues, invibrancy, cecal, alchey,
hourned, noise intoners, farragin,

amp and lust, let the poem dominate,
signature for money, proliferation of
poetry, get a poem into the news,
back in the good old place, where
the paper’s not crumpled, concrete
laboratory, it’s the cut that makes
it, now you see the reason for the
cut, keep this coupon until you die,
identify yourself at the till, did
we get beyond the mark, keep this
coupon until hell freezes over,
where-abouts is the art, favour
blank, ink and wax, a painful
economic situation, yes to this,

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