Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sylvan van

keep track of the hours, how does this
pen compare with that pen, one has
been gotten rid of, lookies, tost,
against love, stretch your ear back
ninety years, score some meat,
bbs bbs, the bedrooms of the nation,
a male receptionist, dolfi trost,
omadis, produce produce produce,
economic despair, some sort of
graphomania, pearldrops, liquor
store horror monsters, salty
tammy, it was a sat, one has been
transported, hyperglycaemic, ask
me for a favour, who on earth are
you talking to, head read, my
little filter, cease falling,
continue falling, entry level
lunatic, three grand, try going
without, getting ready for the
hyperjump, get to know your
city, mandala mantra,
mentionless, the wear and tear-
drops, thru the storm, maintain
your level, because you hate
hockey, gleichen, esso ess,
pats half alpha, ring for
service, hand eye coordinates,
violent idiot,

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