Friday, November 14, 2008

the consolation of alcohol

habitation, me ad press, you have
dozens, oo oo, all the way back to
oh three, gooey girls, the corn god,
reonion, the motorscope, contribulate,
microlit, signalings, john dorn again,
equal or common in value, are
we communicating here, cursive
dragon, now we are here, rerer,
drop off the face of the earth,
how christian is it, how big is
your god, went fishy, where
did everybody go, life short,
infinwheat, please call me,
try again to get thru, never
could get it right, cle oh,
differ rent, better copiers,

choose the ditch, trionyx,
scona pop bottle, pillar of
the community with four
lovers, an essential human
characteristic, the concrete
realm of things,

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