Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a little soft with seraphim

now where are we headed, make
the money flow, zero ray, gtbb,
zen ray, one seven five one one three,
shoestring art, wax ray, talk you
into working, alcoholic labour,
buy a new boot, arp, arpa, never
mail nothing, drivers abstract art,
the meaning of alone, nobookon,
experimental printing, mbc, repels
the ink, ray says hi, ray dad,
ray money, raybol, meat is a
crime, naynim, six billion web-
sites, mb, smear the reams, get ready
to trance, cocgb art, tending
towards the blank, risking the
bleed, turning garbage into art
and art into garbage, trance
action ray, the gap is for art,
the power of negative thinking,
out on the pine needles, blank
is never really blank, each of us
is many, spatialist, hello ray,
free falling towards concrete,
blb, happy haven, alberta ray,
there must be a ray, love ray,
fake out chicken, raycheck,
rain-, unprintable, raybus,
a usual gift, orange ray,

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