Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dotum & DotumChe

who’s your new friend, things
are going out of style, warmail,
getting paper dirty, and the
war goes on, minaret envelopes,
storm on the range, floorplay,
watching the hairy orifice,
silence memory, aduana, are
you still there, mistral desert,
authenticity pack rat, as ka,
saltunees, askelmaa, koipi,
colossiality, is this your life,
temporarily alive, how’s your
health, one hell of a sore,
gluelike secretions, exanthemata,

nid, porta, ops, egg, gum, worth
repeating, jump into the water,
seems like a million, hand
delivered, kahn, tmavy lezak,
telbank, buying nothingness,
go missing, rhododendron
honey, ass secret, canpotex,
illustrated diseases,
ohrivane, pin a name on that
devil, canux, suitcase show,

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