Wednesday, November 26, 2008


another worthless scrap of paper,
change and change until, what
can you do with these points,
gbl, trance tax, gringo star, the
number of scans needed, the
actual weight versus the virtual
weight, ignoring your left hand,
offer limit, the rates went up
while you slept, reak, adwei,
are you going to be where you
said you would be, this was
another day, maple rain deers,
only a woman would think that,
we don’t need stamps anymore
anyway, download the intake,
not afraid of the judgment of
children, mageux, wintertaling,
qw, memory pain memory, preauth
poetry, let the posty do the
walking, just a block or two
over, money talks and talks
and talks, writing poetry on
company time,

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