Monday, November 17, 2008

gungsuh & haettenschweiler

maxaman flomax, action has
been taken, oxynein, info going
to waste, saint illiw, foreseeable
work, first we need to copy it,
compbox, superman windowpane,
inferthin, a piece of paper is
four pages, here we have gone
over the line, okhsop, tape it to
a plank, without assistance,
temerarious, mullock,
apocopate, antisemantics,
parareality, diaglossic,

ska then, what does the little
font have to say, canoeing the
milk, free jazz text, compare
deteriorate, drop out of the
game, anucal, the merely blank,
make art now, not even enuf to
cover the service charges, do
people actually read this,
emphatropes: streamsludge,
word animals, break millions,
cheap enuf to be worth the
trip, idennify, tell the anteater:
no ants today, this poem is by,
the only word we can see, the
human cluster,

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