Friday, November 21, 2008

this word reminds me too much of you

obdc, continue edm, a hammer virtuoso,
sell yourself high, not mailing nothing,
young turk burst, nanoparticles of
art, falling towards happiness, chip
away at reality, yes we have no
rubber, here comes another, now we
are driving now, ray says boo, talking
as accomplishing, no, nanomagnets,
tiss, the blue needs replenishing,
a country full of loonies, black
and blue even, an undistinguished
potato, you can only make this
better by making that worse, it
looks rich but, new improved value,
really gum the gum up, code: will,
nothing is beyond redemption, go
easy on the ink, actually buy
your own socks, did your message
ever get thru boom, this word
reminds me of you, ray ray go
away, electronanography, this word
reminds me too much of you,
ever wear a tuque, the expression
on its face, get in there and dig,
ray eats meat, a real and actual
trance, trance meat, you’re
drowning in it, still kicking
the habit, the ink says no,
using sex as a weapon, nothing
is garbage in my book, tiny
scraps of paper with strange
words on them, the secret to
stinky cheese, merry rem, bleed
hat, nail it, all the losing tickets,

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