Thursday, November 27, 2008

tongue of verdana

better living thru violence, down
into the concrete dungeon, your
infinity has been compromised,
the kids know more than you think
they do, urine asphalt, pixelpost,
the booze clicked in, time stir,
manufactured by stale air,
psychedelic violence, nothing is
ever really dead, still plenty of
artjects, cultural violence, don’t
just hold it there, actually
stick it, res, my multiple identity,
recognight, at the sign of the
hanging a, ncl, van winnaars,
are you part of the conspiracy,
a happen fast life, mug, bliss
etcetera, the novel q, this is a
hit of acid, urmet, not that one
that’s a bad one, mickey finns
wake, asblank,

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