Sunday, November 23, 2008


let’s go back to the happy days,
happy days for who, get your brain
out of the dungeon, art pirate, to
save or not to save, let’s turn
ourselves into a bridge, a shred
of beauty, print this up in an
edition of one thousand nine
hundred and sixty four,
lamination collage, mere mark art,
probe your depths, artistic
delicacy, art replica, reason cycle,
yin ying, forget that it is toner,
marks that speak, how to survive
being an artist, eye own nothing,
if we had to guess we didn’t
have to guess, the art is
intoxicating you, now we are
entering the grey zone, the
mighty stamp, now it is time for
the sledgehammer, a replica
of a fingerprint, how do we get
around town, you think it
represents a face, stop taxing
me, there’s a monster in her
cunt, open your eye and let the
visions pour out, the art
manager, price: priceless, reject
reality, mucous music, morse
german, these are the happy

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