Monday, December 01, 2008


ain’t got a friend in the
world, conceited to be ashamed,
chicken burst, cvcsco, i would
happily return to smallness,
it’s better to regret something
you have done, dwids, hemp liver,
name restricted, circus cum,
sting array, claw hammer eel,
intrapsychic stress, software
generating machines, epoche,
hypervisibility, cyborgization,
techno-hysteria, super-sanity,
apperceptive mode, decreation,
nerve-language, anything
concrete, psychic apocalypse,
catastrophe to happen itself
enfolds, posadaists,
revolutionary nuclear war,
the end of human civilization,
anal polyps, sado-monetarists,
catastrophe curve, blind field,
nothing to say, in the north
penniless, ixi, semioclasm,
quest ions, relay trance,
the tuché, apparatus theory,
extradiscursive, kernel of
nonsense, exert hegemonic
control, the reconnection of
the bicameral mind, feminine
style, part passed out, the
grammar of tempura,
rhetoric of walking,

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