Tuesday, March 10, 2009

you forgot to do your best

what is happening, oiseaux,
interchange identity, birds
and berries, imaginary day,
breaking the e-, money
sleeping, post all, mobile eye,
frankum, he gives his last
penny, mezz-a-mezz, thick air,
kachina, leadpaper, high
grade ha, paranymphs, heizung,
gebucht, ghost through the
machine, prolly, levitating
guinness, down the track,
smear reams, coan, high
falutination, provide
writing, three cents per word,
dull is in the eye, vote with
money, ‘’zero day, work lick kite,

the canonization of the saints,
the or a, what would you be do,
narcosis, the railroad current,
guayguayare, chickasaw mud,
columbo, toronto, hanna gem,
flax-dam, is freedom chaos,

jay eh zed zed, magpie,
sheerness mine, generating
station, d as in wide,
this is wheat, pie the queen,

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