Friday, March 27, 2009

"nothing needs to be blogged"

how about not begin, time is
indicating nothing, copy is for
ward, toner represents death, hold
this text up to the light sun,
never come up with forty, you
seem to be ignoring the words,
the line suddenly thickens, do
you feel you represent your
location, why does it feel any
more real, electronic file folder,
particollage, cross work, painting
with time, lo and behold trash,
zero protocol, why replication,
ssge model, reflects record, make
meat, written factory, what star,
ephemera wood, tell original,
hound dead, this is the clean
one, this is the dirty one, this
one has been transformed, nothing
needs to be blogged, jerk off
and pass, now we got it all,
dying at what speed, return and
read, a fecal-occult blood test,
labyrinth of moss, quasiparticles,
nothinglamp, polonium two-ten,
community treatment orders,
strife tourism, the dead world,
a holy trance, experience
handling cash, vacuum melted,
shavasana, hard chore
pornography, cog logs, triple
zero-guage, labret, declare
schizophrenia healthy, zip
lines, microdermabrasion,
stand-up existentialism,
schnippled, just put a plus,

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